L’anno che verrà 2024 

La Repubblica

AD Francesco Franchi, Angelo Rinaldi

These illustration have been awarded with the
ADC Bronze Cube 2024 in the illustration category and
Communication Arts’ Award of Excellence 2024

ADC 2024 Bronze CubeCommunication Arts 2024 Award
L'anno che verrà 2024 is an insert of La Repubblica, an italian national newspaper, published each year on new year's eve with views on the future from journalists, writers and opinionists.

My illustrations reflect on major current global issues (war, feminism, feminicide, climate change denial, AI) with a slight sense of hope and criticism.

The turret of a tank becoming a nest for an heron. A chant against feminicide "mamma, distruggi tutto" depicted with Gea (mithological mum) destroying everytihng. An AI doctor, a gay family and "blowing off the light" on climate change.

© Matteo Berton
Bologna 2024