PINI paintings

A series of paintings 
Acrylics on paper
35x50 cm

Personal work

These paintings were exhibited in April 2024 in a personal exhibition at Inuitbookshop in Bologna, Italy

Pini poster pini poster
This artistic project, developed over the past few years, has its roots in the twisted aesthetics of pine trees. Chosen to stimulate an aestetic research on composition and color blocking, these trees led me to rediscover their presence in my memory.

Pines quickly became a tool for going back to the places of my childhood: the camping in the pine forest, the sports field, the kindergarten, the playground, the ice cream. 

An introspective journey through the geometries that stimulates reflection on the evocative power of nature and the role it plays in our memories.

In an effort to hybridize my process I conceived these paintigs digitally and then produced them with a traditional medium, acrylics.

© Matteo Berton
Bologna 2024