Quando si accesero le stelle 

di Guido Tonelli e Sergio Roissi

These illustrations were a real challenge, Iooked for a language that would merge the microscopic (like the vacuum before the BigBang) with the macroscopic. I’m fascinated by space and this book was an incredible opportunity. Guido Tonelli is a professor and researcher at CERN in Geneve rtesponsible for the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Published by Feltrinelli in November 2022

1 Oscillations in the vacuum

2 Red Shift
3 Collapse of the symmetry

4 The universe after 10-35s

5 LHC Atlas

6 LHC Collisions

7 A proton

8 The net of the dark matter

9 When the stars lit up

10 The Milky way Map

11 The formation of the solar system

12 The collision between Gaia and Theia

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