SONY - Projecting Imagination

Takram invited me to collaborate on their on-going project for Sony showcasing the potential of their LifeSpace UX range. Sony's unique Life Space UX products, including projectors and speakers, invite you to discover new experiences by transforming the environment around you.

Hidden behind the facades of buildings and panes of mirrored glass, the inhabitants of London go about their secret lives. The four projector and canvas installations (see pictures below) we’re synchronised so when a hot air balloon eclipsed the sun, each scene would darken and react in a mystical way.

Using the limitations of the projector and that the illustration's outlines we're fixed on canvas to our advantage, Geroge Shelbourn brought my illustrations to life.

Client: Sony Life Space UX
Design, technology and direction: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram) and Lukas Franciszkiewicz (Takram)
Project collaborator and concept development: Owen Wells
Animator: George Shelbourn
Film: Sonny Malhotra

© Matteo Berton
Bologna 2024